Painting, Sculpture and Photography
by Irish artist Sara Cunningham-Bell

Sara Cunningham-Bell's StudioCunningham-Bells work is not an extra treat in a home or business, it is the visual Identity of your Family, your Business, it is The More we aim for in Tomorrow.

Belfast born Artist Sara Cunningham-Bell, works out of a studio on the North Coast of Ireland. She challenges each piece of work asking why and how it should exist. Risking it never to be.

Cunningham-Bells work is part of the Art Collection of Bass Ireland, Coleraine Council, The Hastings Hotel Group, The Vatican City, B.B. Fraser, McLaughlin and Harvey to name a few. Her work has been exhibited in over 40 group shows and 7 solo shows in France, Luxembourg, Scotland and Ireland. Her degree work won a prize which funded her postgraduate studies and since has flourished in the Private and Commercial sectors.

Central to her work is the endeavour to interrupt the dualisms that divide up the lived world, forming the realities we seek to inhabit. The most important of these being, spirit / matter.

The Art negotiates this quandary, in an effort to present the truth of beauty - a truth that cannot be dependent on the ugly.

Cunningham-Bell employs a number of media, including sculpture, photography and painting...

“Refreshingly unconventional, her work is created powerfully” The Belfast Telegraph